What’s Inside

I know you’re busy but I also know you crave change because you’re here, reading this. This guide allows you to move through 11 transformational modules to empower you to make simple and subtle shifts that suit your needs and your lifestyle, in your own time.

I can’t stress enough how important it is that you take the time to fully integrate the steps into your life before moving on to the next one. So, every 2 weeks, 2 modules will be released and it’ll be up to you how quickly or how slowly you move through the program. This is all about you remember!

You’ll have lifetime access to worksheets, mini-guides, recipe books and video interviews, as well as a load of bonuses to get you started on your way.

Come on in and find out what’s inside:

Module 1: Clarity & Commitment

We’re kicking it off by getting super clear about what you really want because I believe it’s imperative to know where you’re going before you take the first step. We’re drilling down into that big old heart of yours and digging around for those soul-stirring desires that light you up from the inside out.

Module 2: Self-Love & Superself

Cultivating self-love is a crucial step in making permanent change – we’re going to get honest about what we really think of ourselves and carve out ways to show our bodies we love it. This is the fun bit where you get to plan ways to pamper yourself and nourish every cell head to toe.

Module 3: Daily Staples

Taking consistent daily action is important when making any change so these daily steps, implemented one at a time, when you’re ready will make a big difference to improving how you feel in yourself. These daily staples have literally changed my life for the better and I know they will change yours too.

Module 4: Conscious Kitchen

I’m giving you all my tips and tricks to creating the ultimate healthy kitchen with all the gadgets and gizmos you’ll be needing as you embark on your conscious journey. From the do’s & don'ts of juicing, which juicer to buy, shopping lists and guides to making delicious juice and smoothie recipes bursting with life.

Module 5: Body Basics

Understand how your body works and learn to decipher what it is telling you so that you can take the necessary steps to love it back to health. Understand the effects of inflammation, acid-alkaline balance, the importance of enzymes and how to deal with detox!

Module 6: Pimp Your Plate

Learn how to make the upgrade around your food, why plants rock, the importance of food energy and how to start your own green revolution at home. Think sprouting, growing, nurturing. I’ll help you transition from a meat-eater to a passionate plant-lover with some special “Lean In” recipes. Oh, and you’ll also get access to over 40 delicious plant-powered recipes from myself and some other awesome foodie contributors you won’t want to miss out on! (This really will be where your life begins to change for the better!) We’ll also be shining a light on some misguided myths that have no doubt been leading you astray!

Module 7: Secret Agents

Get the lowdown on the naughty nasties that find their way into your food and what to do about them. You’ll learn about the awesome alternatives available to you so that no matter where you are in the world, you can always make the conscious choice and have peace of mind.

Module 8: Superfoods

There’s an abundance of health-affirming foods out there that you may never have heard of before that can boost immunity, inject vitamins and minerals into every cell, improve energy and even libido! And of course, I’ll be sharing how to use these foods and the best places to buy them from.

Module 9: Conscious Beauty

We’re lifting the lid on the chemicals lurking in your bathroom and the damage they are causing you. You will learn how to create a conscious beauty regime at home, complete with natural remedies and essential oils from a leading expert to get you sparkling from the inside out. Ooh la la!

Module 10: Conscious Home

When the environment in which you live is peaceful and calming, it goes a long way to improving your overall health and happiness. We’re ditching the toxic crap, getting real and most importantly getting clean! You’ll learn how to replace the chemical-laden products in your home with clean, safe, body-loving remedies you can make in the comfort of your own home.

Module 11: Conscious Living

WOW! You have come so far and look at the impressive results! Your conscious choices have led you on to a path you’ll want to walk down forever. You have created a body and lifestyle that you are truly deserving of. You should be very proud!

You have created a Conscious Life for yourself – CONGRATULATIONS!

As if your healthiest happiest self wasn’t enough, as a member of The Conscious Life Guide, you’ll also get access to these BONUSES:

  • The Conscious Life Guide crowd where you will connect with like-minded health-seekers to share your journey, ask questions and share your achievements!
  • Discounts from some of my favourite healthy companies

Plus a lotta love from me in the form of:

  • Weekly emails from me, to keep you accountable and on track. Yes – I’ll be championing you all the way!